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Our Mission

We connect people through the context of neighboring by creating opportunities for community engagement.

Our Culture

The Be in BeKnown is the heart of our culture. BeKnown’s culture derived from the bee species, specifically in how they pollinate plants. They transfer pollen grains to aid in regeneration of plants. Every time a bee lands on a plant, not only are they transferring pollen, but they’re also receiving a source of protein and nectar for themselves. Without pollination, plants can’t reproduce and bees will become extinct. Although these are two very distinct species, both are vital parts of each other’s lives. What is demonstrated between the two species is a culture of interdependence despite their differences.

BeKnown enacts the art of neighboring similar to pollination. In order for neighborhoods to thrive, it’s imperative that neighbors interact with each other. Each home represented in your neighborhood serves as potential community assets which can be used for community growth. This is the Be(e) Theory.

“When I think of the reason why God place me on Earth, I know it was so that I may live my life for sake of others”


Founder and CEO of BeKnown Communities

Erica Buckman, a former police officer of Cobb County, Georgia, has become a true community engagement advocate. Her experience as an officer has given her a different outlook on life and the underlying needs of people throughout the community. It was then that she began to realize that the problems people were experiencing weren’t from a lack of discipline per say. It’s from the lack of community. In her words, “People just want to be heard, be considered, and to be known.”

During her law enforcement career, she maximized the principles of community policing. Her efforts were recognized by being a recipient of the “Drew Brown Community Service Award”. Erica is a graduate of Florida State College at Jacksonville where she obtained her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. She has also obtained a Master Certification for Event Management from the International Institute of Event Management.

Community engagement is more than a concept for Erica, it has become her lifestyle. She continues to position herself in roles that allow her to influence the lives of others through service. Erica currently serves as the Homeowners Association President within her neighborhood in Norcross Georgia, where she has successfully implemented BeKnown Communities services.

At this time we don’t have any opening positions, however send your resume to beknowncdc@gmail.com for future opportunities.

Here are volunteer opportunities for you to take advantage of:

  • Become a BeKnown Communities Ambassador
  • Become an Intern for Marketing Specialist (coming soon)
  • Become a Hive House for your neighborhood